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Federation of German Societies ~ Indianapolis


Lisa Brinker - Mon Feb 27, 2012 @ 08:06PM
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One of the local BSA Eagle scout will be working for a badge by beautifying the Flag Pole area

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Areas we are looking to improve are: 

The stairway from the Baseball Diamond and the Basketball Court to the Pavilion area: we are seeking donated railroad ties (that are in good condition) and the manpower to replace them.

Improved Electrical Service: when this facility was founded, there were no such thing as inflatable amusements, bounce houses, etc; However,  it is common for events to host their activities with these on the premises. Updated Lighting fixtures are also being sought.

A separate Women's Bridal Changing area and restroom facility in German style is another improvement we'd like to initiate. 

Sustainable replacement of trees;  landscaping, perhaps with Indiana Native Plants ,  and  improvement of the South end of the property into a sort of Nature Park .

Comments: 65
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