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Federation of German Societies ~ Indianapolis

F. A. Q.

( Frequently Asked Questions )

How do I rent German Park ?

You simply call the Park Chairman to check availability. The Park is rented to private individuals or companies on a "1st~come " basis . The exception is if a German Festival is scheduled for the day you are requesting.

What is the easiest way to contact you ?

The easiest way to contact Lisa Brinker or Becky Brinker-Rankin, the Park Chairwomen, is by calling the Park phone number at (317) 885-0283. If Lisa or Becky is not available , please leave a detailed message and she returns all calls usually within 24 hours , except on weekends; or you can e-mail her at or

Lisa or Becky does NOT have an office at the Park or at The German-American Klubhouse.

What is the process involved in Renting German Park ?

If the date you are requesting is available, the Park Chairman will then write a Lease Agreement (in duplicate) stating the date you are renting and the rate agreed upon for your rental. She will mail the Lease Agreement to you along with the Rules and Regulations which are part of the Lease of Renting German Park, a Sample copy of the Certificate of Liability that You must provide, along with other information that may help you plan your event. You will then have thirty (30) days to return one signed copy of the Lease Agreement with a 20% non-refundable deposit.   The remaining balance, Certificate of Liability and $200.00 damage deposit is due forty-five (45) days prior to your reservation.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Liability ?

Businesses that rent German Park generally contact their Legal Department or Human Resources Department. However,  private individuals need to contact their homeowner insurance agent to secure this for you and to inquire about any charges for this Certificate. If you do not have homeowner insurance, you will need to purchase a "one-day event" policy. Please contact a local insurance agent for pricing information or contact the Park Chairman for referrals to agents that are able to provide this.

When will the "balance due" and the Certificate of Liability be expected ?

The balance of your rental agreement and the Certificate of Liability will be due forty-five (45) days prior to the day of your rental. The Park Chairman has the right to impose a late payment of 10% of the total balance due if payments are not made in a timely manner.

What happens if I cancel and already paid in full ?

If you cancel the Lease Agreement thirty (30) or more days prior to the date you were going to rent German Park, you will be entitled to a refund of 50% of the payment. If you cancel less than thirty (30) days , you are not entitled to a refund.

Can I bring in entertainment ?

Many of our rentals bring in moonwalks, disc jockeys, bands, clowns, pony rides, etc. This entertainment is welcomed in our Park as long as they meet with either the Park Chairman or the head of our Grounds Crew to ensure that they are set up in the park in an area designated for such. Please realize that additional fees may be included in the price quoted for added electricity and/or water usage.

What are your rules for catering ?

German park offers an "open catering" policy. However,  should you need help in locating a caterer , the Park Chairman has a Referral List of caterers that she can recommend. The Referral List also includes Bakers, Florists, Disc Jockeys , Photographers, Security , and other entertainment service sources.

What can I expect on the day of my rental ?

All rentals begin at 10:00 a.m. ; however , there are times we do allow renters to begin setting up prior to 10:00 a.m.  That decision is left up to the head of our Grounds Crew, and usually depends on how much time is needed prior to your rental to clean up from a prior rental.

The Park Chairman and/or the head of the Grounds Crew will meet with the individual who rented German Park or someone the renter has designated to meet with us. We will once again briefly go over all the rules and the closing of the Park at the end of your event. We will also answer any additional questions and/or concerns at that time.

The Grounds Crew will wash down all picnic tables, serving tables , the two serving bars, and the tables in the kitchen. The floors will be swept including the dance floor area. The restrooms will be clean and a fresh supply of soap, paper towels, and toilet tissue will be available to your guests. If you have rented the grill  and/or the public address system, those will be set and ready and the Park Chairman and/or head of the Grounds Crew will go over the directions of using these. The Park Chairman will provide you with an emergency contact number in the event a problem should arise during the course of your rental.

What are my responsibilities ?

To adhere to the Rules and Regulations of German Park, as provided to you with the Lease Agreement; to supervise the conduct of anyone attending your event and To Enjoy the Day !!!!

Do you have an indoor facility ?

German Park is only an outdoor facility: HOWEVER, the The German-American Klub and The Southside Turners, located within the Park are indoor facilities and do rent out their spaces.  In addition, The German-American Klub  hosts  several functions throughout the year that are open to both members and non-members.

Please contact the GAK manager at (317) 888-6940. You will need to call The GAK for their hours; their website at  

What events are open to the public ?, The German-American "SUDZFEST", The H & P "HoPsfest", 

The Liederkranz German Festival and The Scottish Highland Games & Festival, the Tails & Trails Rescue Event and the Pumpkin Festival.




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