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German Park was vandalized twice in late October, 2018.  A lot of damage was done that has required a lot of work to be done and things replaced.  We had to get a new garage door installed, some new posts had to be put up at the pavilion, both smoke stacks on the kitchen had to be replaced, the ice freezer had to be replaced, the front gate had to be replaced, tools were stolen, the riding mower had damage that had to be repaired, light receptacles broken and replaced.....approximately $8,000 worth of damage and also had to pay for the labor of the repairs.  We did not file an insurance claim since we knew we had our deductible, depreciation and, most likely, would be canceled since we had just started with a new insurance company.  Insurance costs for German Park is approximately $450 per month and since we are a not-for-profit, this is a steep price for us.  All monies made from our rentals go back into the upkeep of the property.

Therefore, we have a Go Fund Me page in the hopes of raising several thousand dollars to not only help with the repairs but to do some other things that the almost 80 year old park needs:  stairs replaced leading up to the ball diamond; electrical work done, update the refrigerator and stove in the kitchen; update the basketball court and, hopefully, add a merry-go-round to the playground.

We need your help!!!  If you can give, please check out our Go Fund Me page for donations at:

Thank you!

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